jeudi 5 juin 2008

A Yablokov: Chemical and radioactive pollution as major factors of the additional mortality (review)

Chemical and radioactive pollution as major factors of the additional mortality (review)

Global chemical production has increased by factor 500 at the second half of XX century, and doubled each 7 - 8 years. As results in umbilical blood it is nowadays found out up to 287, and in adult’ blood and urine - more than 170 alien chemical substances (including polychlorbyphenils, pesticides, dioxins, phurans, phthalates).
There are correlations between average life expectancy, infant mortality, stillbirth rate, and other demographic parameters, on the one hand, and concentration in food, milk and soil of Sr-90 and Cs-137 as results more than 500 nuclear atmospheric explosions. It mean additional death of many tens millions in second half XX century. The huge collective irradiation doses was received by Humankind as a result of radiation accidents (Chernobyl and smaller), and as results of medical irradiation.
Global cancer epidemic (more than 8 million new cases annually) is caused basically by anthropogenic chemical substances and radiation in water, atmosphere, soil, food and the consumption goods. Since 60-ies, as a result of production and use of pesticides, apparently, prematurely perished annually all over Globe about 300 thousand persons. Since 2002 the mortality caused by air pollution in the world exceeds a death-tall from car accidents.
In 50-ies there are about 100 millions spermatozoids per ml. of semen liquid, now - 40-60 million per ml. It well studied the negative impact of many chemicals on a sperm quality.
There is such consequence of chemical and radioactive pollution as increasing of the mutation rate of microorganisms, which observe by growth of number of previously unknown microbiological and virus diseases in second half XX century.
Ecological troubles of Russia (70 million persons under excess at least one pollutant above permissible concentration, and 20 million – living with above factor 10 permissible concentration) resulted by the lowest of the developed countries of the life expectancy (man – 60, women – 73) and more than 490 thousand annual ecologically dependent death.
Till to now we do not really understand the ultra-low dozes impact, influence eternal and global pollutants, pollutants’ synenergy, etc.
WHO’ calculations of the environmental health impact (up to 23 % of all annual death in the world) do not take into account impact of pollution into early stages of individual development (from ovulation to the end of the first trimester).
Concentration of hundreds dangerous toxicants are not officially supervised neither in products, nor in water and air. It is possible, that as a result of the global chemical and radioactive pollution the Humankind have been passed the turning point. If so, it need to stop talking about sustainable development, and start think (and act) about of the emergency management of a civilization.

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